About EntertainMeMore

EntertainMeMore is a beehive of organized cooperation and mutual support. Our team is not big, but always buzzing with creative ideas and fresh visions of the world around.

Our mission is to entertain people of all ages and social backgrounds. But we never encourage procrastination! The entertainment that we offer helps to relax and expand your knowledge in the process.

So far, we have created a dozen versatile projects. And we are going to create even more because we want to make every person in the world a little smarter, kinder, and happier day by day!

Whether you want to learn languages, be quick at figures, test your celebrity smarts or know your destiny – we have a project that will surely suit your taste!

We’d also like to thank you for being so multi-talented and complex personality! You are a never-ending source of our inspiration and admiration!

We want you to stay the unique person you are, but we also want to infect you with our energy and happiness. Learn while having fun and have fun while learning – what can be more satisfying and effective than that?

And if you feel a slightest urge to give in to a gloomy mood – we beg you not to! Drop by and we will sure find something to cheer you up with!